HQP Application Evaluation Criteria

Your application will be evaluated based on the information you and your faculty advisor provide, and the fit of your proposed research within OMAFRA-U of G Partnership themes and priorities

The following criteria are used to evaluate your application:

  • Your CV, undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) transcripts, and cover letter will be reviewed and together will comprise 60% of the evaluation. Your CV will contribute 20% of the overall evaluation, your cover letter 15%, while your transcript will be 25% of the evaluation. Your cover letter should outline the reasons you are applying for this particular scholarship and why you consider yourself a strong candidate for funding. Mention can be given to such topics as goals and aspirations related to the decision to consider graduate studies.  The cover letter is an important part of the application review since it allows the student great flexibility in expressing their goals and ideas for career development as it relates to the concept of the HQP program.
  • The proposed research program represents 40% of the overall evaluation being comprised of three separate scores:
    • 30% for the detailed research outline and its perceived fit to OMAFRA themes and goals together with the advisor's track record in such research areas.  An indication of knowledge transfer is helpful during review.
    • 5% for a clear indication that adequate research funding has been secured by the supervisor for the proposed 2-3 years of research activity.
    • 5% for an indication of the location and general area of activity during the research semester.  Indicate the contact person if known for the work semester.  We accept that this work semester activity may change as the research program evolves.
    • Your faculty/supervisor CV with evidence of past research funding and successful prior activity in graduate training will be considered in the overall evaluation of the research program.

If you have any questions about the evaluation criteria, please email the HQP co-ordinator .  

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