UNIV*6050 - The Integration of Science and Business In Agri-Food Systems

This course was designed specifically for students in the HQP Scholarship Program to help them be market-ready when they graduate.  The course exposes students to business practices, commercialization (intellectual property and license protection), as well as the interactions between society and the agri-food system. 

HQP students are required to successfully complete the course to receive continuity of scholarship funding. It is a 1.0 credit course, offered over two semesters starting in the fall of each year. Please see the course description for more information about the course. 

The course focuses on both introducing key concepts and ideas and on developing some key skills like writing and presenting ideas effectively.

Student Perspectives

The new perspective offered by this course has proven to add real value to students enrolled in the HQP Scholarship program. Many students admit that they are apprehensive before they begin because it is unfamiliar and new, and not part of their core graduate science curriculum. On completion, students are extremely positive about the contribution this course has made to their understanding of the broader perspectives related to the agri-food system. It is a unique opportunity for an enhanced graduate experience.

Some comments from previous students:

"I wanted to mention that I really enjoyed your course and learned a lot. Even though it is very different from the other courses offered in my program - it has helped me already." - HQP Student

"This has been a very fun and refreshing course for me. . . Ultimately, this was a very enjoyable class, and I'm glad I had the chance to take it.  It's rubbed off a bit on me and the others in my lab that also took the course.  Our lunchtime discussions sometimes take on a bit more of a business bend, and I'm pretty sure it's because of this course." - HQP Student

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